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Professional Arborist in Lane Cove

Sydney Tree Solutions provides tree services such as Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding and Professional Arborist services in the Lane Cove Council municipality that includes all or some of the following suburbs:


Lane Cove

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St Leonards

The following is a summary of the Lane Cove Council Tree Preservation Order, which is now covered by the Lane Cove Council Development Control Plan 2010 (DCP), to identify works that can be done without council approval and exempt tree species. This overview is only a guide. Please reference the complete Lane Cove Council DCP for more detailed information on council regulations and exemptions. Care should be also taken to check the property zoning and that the tree is not protected for Ecological or Heritage reasons which can also supersede the 10/50 Bushfire clearances laws.


Lane Cove Council Tree Preservation Order allows for the following tree removal or pruning works without council approval or notification.

  • Any tree less than 4m in Height and trunk diameter less than 150mm (at 1m)


Lane Cove Council also has the following EXEMPT tree pruning and tree removal works which will be automatically approved for no fee BUT ONLY after lodgement of a FAST TRACK PERMIT.

** For all works outside of this scope council will require a full Tree Preservation Inspection and Permit as per usual.

  • Removal of dead trees and dead branches.
  • Pruning for roofline clearances of 2m (Except for Eucalyptus, Angophora, Corymbia and Syncarpia species which all require a regular permit) and any tree for 2m service wire clearances.
  • Hedging and reduction pruning of Murraya spp., Viburnum spp., Photinia spp. and Cupressus spp. (less than 10%)
  • Pruning or removal of any tree declared in the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015 (replacing the NSW Noxious Weeds Act 1993) and/or listed in the lane cove council exempt species list below (still require fast track permit though).


Acer negundoBox Elder< 6m
Ailanthus altissimaTree of HeavenNone
Alnus jorullensisEvergreen Alder< 10m
Celtis sp.HackberryNone
Cinnamomum camphoraCamphor laurel< 10m
Cotoneaster spp.Cotoneaster (all species)None
Citrus sp.Citrus (all varieties)None
Eriobotrya japonicaLoquat TreeNone
Erythrina sp.Coral TreeNone
Ficus elasticRubber TreeNone
Grevillea robustaSilky Oak< 6m
Jacaranda mimosifoliaJacaranda< 6m
Lagerstroemia indicaCrepe Myrtle< 6m
Lagunaria patersoniaNorfolk Island HibiscusNone
Ligustrum spPrivetNone
LiquidambarLiquidambar, Sweet Gum< 10m
Morus sp.MulberryNone
Musa sp.BananaNone
Nerium oleanderOleanderNone
Olea europaea var. AfricanaAfrican OliveNone
Populus nigra italicaLombardy PoplarNone
Prunus sp.Peaches and PlumsNone
Scheflera spp.Umbrella treesNone
Syagrus romanzoffianumCocos palmNone
Toxiocodendron sp.Rhus TreeNone
X Cupressocyparis leylandiiLeighton Green and CvsNone


Council Approvals

Council approval in writing must be obtained prior to any other works being carried out whether for EXEMPT WORKS or a regular TREE PRESERVATION INSPECTION. Breaching a tree preservation order can result in very heavy fines.

The application form and online application for both are shown below. The owner of the property on which the tree resides, or an agent acting on behalf of the owner, will need to apply.