Tree Removal Cost

The price to remove a tree from a site depends on a huge variety of factors but primarily it can be determined by 3 main considerations:

 - SIZE - How big is the tree – Height, Trunk Diameter

 - DIFFICULTY – Complexity of removal process? – Complex climbing, Safety, Surroundings

 - ACCESS - Access from tree to road where truck is parked.

With over 20 years of experience pricing tree removal jobs Sydney Tree Solutions Pty Ltd has managed to create a simple calculator to give an indication of the cost of removing a single tree. The prices get much cheaper if doing more than 1 tree on the same site.

* In order to use this calculator effectively you need to measure the diameter of your tree correctly and read any descriptions of further categories you may select. This calculator is not accurate at determining trees over 1000mm diameter since there are so many variables so these could vary considerably from onsite quotes that we will provide.

Description of Difficulty rating


 - Tree can be felled, no climbing required, no concern for damage to area underneath the tree.

- Truck/Mulcher can get next to tree or use winch to drag tree to mulcher.


 - Tree needs to be climbed and simple rigging used

- Truck/Mulcher <20m and <10 steps from Tree

- Side access if required >0.9m

DIFFICULT – Any of the following conditions.

 - Truck/Mulcher >20m and >10 steps from tree

- Difficult site i.e Manicured landscaped gardens, over multiple propertries, limited space underneath to dismantle tree

- Side access <0.9m or need to access via the residence.

- Complex climbing techniques required or dead/dangerous/storm damaged tree

** If more than 3 of the following then price likely to be higher again so this calculator likely to be very inaccurate compared with the onsite quote.