Professional Arborist in Sydney’s North Shore

Sydney Tree Solutions provides specialist tree removal services throughout the Sydney North Shore, Lane Cove, Northbridge, Chatswood, Killara and Turramurra regions.

Over 85% of our business is the result of a direct recommendation or a repeat customer and we endeavour to make this continue.



Registered Consulting Arborist
Arboriculture Australia #2471

Exceptional services for any and all large trees

We have extensive experience in tree removal and pruning services using safe techniques for all types of trees and palms across the North Shore suburbs of Sydney, covering from Mosman, through Chatswood and Killara and up to Turramurra. This includes the removal of dead and diseased trees or those that need to be replaced with more suitable species because of the damage they are causing or the potential dangers they present.

Although we specialize in large, complex and dangerous tree pruning, removal and lopping services across the North Shore, we are equally efficient at removing any size tree in any location, whether that is in an extremely confined space between two buildings or in the middle of a vacant block or park.

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With over 15 years of experience in the Sydney tree service industry, we pride ourselves in delivering an efficient, friendly and professional service that clients are always happy to recommend.

Our Services

Although a lot of our arborists have tree removal expertise in the skills and procedures of safely dismantling and removing complex and dangerous trees we strive to ensure that we also clear and clean the area we treat after removal or pruning.

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