Tree Canopy Reduction and Shaping

Tree Canopy Reduction and Shaping.

Tree Crown reduction is generally reducing the size of the tree canopy in spread or height by selectively pruning certain limbs back to lateral branches capable of sustaining the remaining limb (i.e. 1/3 of diameter) or if a vertical limb then those capable of assuming apical dominance.

In simple terms this means the overall structure of the tree and future growth is still stable and in balance. In some cases the selective pruning of certain limbs may be done to allow a specific view, known as vista pruning, but this must not disrupt the overall balance of the tree and it may require shaping to ensure this. The choice of pruning is also often determined by the species of tree since for example eucalyptus trees should never really be crown reduced vertically whereas deciduous trees such as liquid ambers or London plain trees are more tolerant. However, a tree should never be topped or lopped in height (i.e. cut off to stubs) since this will create a whole host of additional problems in the future. At Sydney Tree Solutions we will advise exactly how any crown reduction or shaping should be carried out as best to meet the clients needs whilst also maintaining a healthy tree.