Emergency Storm Damage

img-storm-damageStorm damage from high winds or lightning strikes is quite common in Sydney and often creates an extremely dangerous situation. In many instances huge trees may have fallen across several yards and completely across several roofs with some limbs often penetrating through and inside the house. The tree will be lodged somewhere and weigh several tonnes so cutting the wrong branch when removing can be disastrous and even fatal if the tree suddenly moves. Coupled with this it is often still raining and the roof is leaking so it is important to get it covered as soon as possible.

At Sydney Tree Solutions we always put safety first and so will often use a crane on large trees to help lift away the limbs from the roof but we also require setting up a series of rigging ropes to stabilize the fallen tree before we begin. This is a highly skilled operation and requires a lot of experience to maximize safety whilst also minimizing any additional damage to the property. We are experts in this field and can provide a 24hour, 7 days a week emergency service to ensure that any storm damage is removed as soon as possible with regards to safety. As part of our service we will also ensure that the roof is covered with a tarp if necessary, until the roofers are available, or fit the roof with replacement tiles if the damage is only minor.