Andy – Risk Manager – Catholic Schools Diocese of Broken Bay

Sydney Tree Solutions has proved to be an excellent resource for monitoring and maintaining the thousands of trees within the Diocese of Broken Bay Catholic schools system. Their work is always undertaken with high regard for the safety of workers and others and their willingness to accommodate the specific needs of schools is much appreciated. Highly recommended!

Diana and Robert – Mosman

We have had a number of trees removed from our property and Mike and his crew were by far the most professional, efficient and conscientious. Their team work and attention to detail was truly impressive and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone with a large difficult tree that needs to be removed.

Lighting up for the Festive Season

Promoting the Beauty of Trees

Sydney Tree Solutions is trying to encourage its clients and the general community to see that trees can be beautiful and should be treasured by home owners as an asset for many reasons.

Too many people think of Trees as a problem or a safety concern and they would rather remove these trees than manage them as an asset. People complain of not enough light, loss of views and falling branches, which are all problems that can easily be alleviated with correct management such as removal of dead branches and pruning practices.

We want people to look at their neighbours trees and go “ Wow, I wish we hadn’t cut that tree down last year, how cool does that look ! ”. We want to educate clients and the general public about the advantages of keeping trees but also about how majestic they can look.



Sydney Tree Solutions only uses solar powered lighting to minimise our carbon footprint  in any way possible and also to ensure they can be installed without the need for additional trenching and complex wiring. The lights are also easily affordable to everyone so its not restricted to only those with a large budget. They could be strings lights installed just for the festive season as with these images or more subtle landscape spot lights installed throughout the canopy to create a beautiful look all year round.


As a Tree contracting company that has been operating in Sydney for over a decade we see too many decisions made to remove trees rather than manage them, causing  the continued decline of the urban forest canopy. Many councils are helping tremendously to reduce this trend and lots of good work is being done but we also need to change the way that people actually perceive trees. They provide much needed shade, cleaner air, improve our microclimate, provide habitat and food for the local ecology and above all they can be greatly improve the aesthetics of the urban communities we live in.

For more information and details on Tree Lighting Solutions please contact Sydney Tree Solutions Pty Ltd.

For more images of Tree Lighting by Sydney Tree Solutions please view our gallery photos.


Ruth, Lane Cove

I wanted to tell you how incredibly impressed I am with the job you have done. From the outset, you were great. You showed up when you said you would, you stuck to your quote and you were really easy to contact and deal with. Then today, I was blown away by all your guys.  All so friendly, polite, accommodating and considerate.  They’ve completed what I thought would take many more hours in an incredibly short time frame and cleaned up great. They are a real credit to you and I’d be happy to recommend your service to anyone who asked. Thanks very much for a great job done.  I’m thrilled with the results.