Hunters Hill Council

Sydney Tree Solutions provides tree services such as Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Stump Grinding and Arborist Reports in the Council Municipality of Hunters Hill that includes all or some of the following suburbs:

  • Gladesville
  • Henley
  • Huntleys Cove
  • Huntleys Point
  • Hunters Hill
  • Woolwich

The following is a summary of Hunters Hill Council Tree Preservation Order to identify works that can be done without council approval and exempt species. This overview is only a guide. Please reference the complete Tree Preservation Order for Hunters Hill Council for more detailed information. Care should be also taken that the tree is not protected for Ecological or Heritage reasons.


Hunters Hill Council Tree Preservation Order allows for the following removal or pruning works WITHOUT council permission. For all works outside of this scope, council approval in writing is required.

  • Any tree less than 4m in height and less than 200mm diameter at 1.4m above ground (except cycad or mangrove).
  • Dead trees and removal dead branches.
  • Pruning works for electrical supply (500mm); for building clearances (2m clearance, max 50mm diameter); vehicle and pedestrian access (2.4m height, max 50mm diameter) and Hedging (less than 500mm distance, 30mm diameter max).
  • Any tree listed for Hunters Hill Council under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 and any tree species listed as an exempt species under Hunters Hill Council Tree Preservation Order (see table below). Does not apply if Heritage site or Significant Tree Register.


Acacia baileyana Cootamundra Wattle
Acacia podalyrifolia Mount Morgan Wattle
Acacia saligna Golden Willow Wattle
Acer negundo Box Elder
Ailanthus altissima Tree of Heaven
Bambusa spp. Bamboo (all species)
Celtis spp. Hackberry **
Cinnamomum camphora Camphor laurel **
Cotoneaster spp. Cotoneaster (all species)
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat Tree
Erythrina x sykesii Coral Tree **
Ficus elastic Rubber Tree
Gleditsia triacanthos Wild Honey Locust
Grevillea robusta Silky Oak
Lagunaria patersonia Norfolk Island Hibiscus
Ligustrum sp Privet
Liquidambar Liquidambar, Sweet Gum **
Musa cavendishii Banana
Nerium oleander Oleander
Olea europaea var. Africana African Olive
Pinus radiata Radiata Pine
Populus spp. Poplar **
Robinia pseudacacia False Acacia
Salix spp. Willow
Scheflera spp. Umbrella trees
Syagrus romanzoffianum Cocos palm

** Must be less than 10m in Height.


Council Approvals

Council approval in writing must be obtained prior to any works being carried out. Breaching a tree preservation order can result in very heavy fines.

The application forms for obtaining council permission are shown below. The owner of the property on which the tree resides, or an agent acting on behalf of the owner, will need to apply.